Injective Partners joins forces with Huobi ECO to boost DeFi derivatives

Injective Partners joins forces with Huobi ECO to boost DeFi derivatives

Huobi’s Heco chain has partnered with Injective.

The main objective of this partnership is the transfer of assets between the chains.

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The decentralized derivatives trading platform Injective has partnered with Huobi’s ECO chain to increase the adoption of cross-chain derivatives in the industry.

According to the announcement, this collaboration will allow traders to seamlessly transition assets in the ECO chain from Huobi (Heco) to Injective, enabling the creation of new Bitcoin Method derivatives.

Heco is Huobi’s version of the Binance Smart Chain – its own high-speed public blockchain to compete with the industry standard Ethereum. The Injective protocol is a decentralized Layer 2 (DEX) exchange that focuses on decentralized derivatives and interoperability between chains.

DEX, which has previously partnered with Binance Smart Chain, hopes to expand its collaboration with Huobi Global as well.

We @InjectiveLabs are set to become the first derivatives dex to integrate with @HuobiECOChain

Huobi and the growing DEX markets Injective

Injective is one of the first teams to use the Heco channel, and testing began in January when its native INJ token was listed on the central exchange.

DEX protocol launched its testnet in November 2020, with an early access program that allowed the team to test the capabilities of the network and deploy new markets such as decentralized forex and equity futures.

The main objective of this partnership is to create an easy-to-use interface that allows traders to transfer funds seamlessly between Heco and the Injective chain. Heco also supports the compatibility of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts, which should enable even greater interoperability between chains.