Crypto Business Leaders: Computer Science & MBA Dominate!

• Most crypto business leaders studied Computer science or MBA, according to Coinjournal’s Dan Ashmore.
• The University of California leads the way as the most common institution attended by crypto executives.
• North America leads the way in terms of crypto salaries with employees earning an average of $120,000 annually.

Crypto Leaders Studied Computer Science or Have an MBA

Coinjournal’s analyst Dan Ashmore spoke to CNBC earlier this week, where he discussed various trends in the cryptocurrency space. While speaking to CNBC, Ashmore revealed that during the early days of crypto, the industry welcomed people from various fields, including less popular ones like philosophy. However, as the industry continues to evolve, most cryptocurrency leaders either have an MBA or study computer science and other related courses.

Universities Attended by Crypto Executives

When asked about the crypto executives that studied computer science or have an MBA, Ashmore replied that the „most obvious“ example is Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao who studied Computer Science at Montreal’s McGill University. Looking at the universities attended by cryptocurrency executives, the University of California tops the list. According to Coinjournal’s research, 13 cryptocurrency executives attended the University of California, while 11 of them went to Harvard. Stanford University comes third on the list with eight cryptocurrency business leaders. Ashmore added that; „In terms of non-US universities, we saw Cambridge up there but they say it is still a very US-dominated industry.“

Remote Work Takes Precedence

Ashmore further noted that remote work has become more prevalent in recent years due to increased access to technology and resources for remote working setups. This has allowed for a wider range of talent from different parts of world to access top jobs in tech and finance companies such as those within crypto space without needing to move countries or relocate cities for their career growths prospects.

North America Leads The Way In Salary

CNBC also looked into Coinjournal’s research on countries with highest salaries for cryptocurrency workers. According to report ,North America leads way here too ,with crypto employees in continent earning average $120 000 annually .This number is higher than many traditional finance sector jobs .


The early days of cryptocurrencies were open for people from all backgrounds however now its becoming more mainstream which means most prominent business leaders are those who studied computer science or have an MBA .The University if California was found out be be leading university attended by these leaders followed closely by Harvard and Stanford . Furthermore ,North America appears lead salary wise with workers earning around $120 000 annually . With advances in technology remote work has made it possible for wider range talent participate without having move countries or relocate cities .